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Petrolul vs Swansea City Live Stream Free Online

Rabu, 24 Juli 2013

Petrolul vs Swansea City Live Stream Free Online

Petrolul vs Swansea City Dodgers Live Stream
Petrolul vs Swansea City Dodgers Live Stream - Liverpool manager, Brendan Rodgers, back to comment on the issues surrounding Luis Suarez's move to Arsenal. Rodgers was assessed strikers step if indeed he was so join the Gunners.

Arsenal's interest in Suarez is not a figment considering a bid worth 40 million pounds has been submitted to Liverpool but was rejected. This then makes the Suarez reportedly upset that the club should allow him to negotiate with Arsenal.

Suarez and rumors linked Arsenal kept the talk in the UK. Rodgers as manager not get enough of got questions about it. This time the man from Northern Ireland was a bit more "hard" in a comment on Suarez desire to leave.

"Is it wrong to leave Liverpool Luis? 100 percent yes. I know what we're trying to get up here and continue the level. So why are you willing to leave Liverpool to go to Arsenal? Honestly I'm not sure it would make better," Rodgers said such reported by the Telegraph.


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