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Sevilla vs Atletico Madrid Live Stream Free Online

Rabu, 14 Agustus 2013

Sevilla vs Atletico Madrid Live Stream

Sevilla vs Atletico Madrid Live Stream Free Online

Sevilla vs Atletico Madrid Live Stream - In 1903 Atletico Madrid by three Basque students founded as a subsidiary of the Basque club Athletic Bilbao called Athletic Club de Madrid. Only in 1920 the club was independent. They played in the south of the city on Vallecas, until in 1923 the stadium of the underground society, Estadio Metropolitano, in the west of Madrid was hired. In the thirties Athletic went up and down between La Liga and Segunda Division. After the Spanish Civil War in which Athletic many players had lost the club was merged in 1939 with Aviación Nacional of Zaragoza, the team of the Spanish Air Force to Athletic Aviación de Madrid. The club got a place in La Liga back instead of Real Oviedo, whose stadium was destroyed in the war and also a stronghold of resistance against Franco had been. Prompt Avación Athletic won in 1940 and 1941 the national title, and the name under pressure from Franco was modified in the Spaansere Atlético Aviación de Madrid. In 1947 the club was disconnected from the Air Force and got its current name, Club Atlético de Madrid. Also under this name the club was successful with two national titles during the reign of the famous coach Helenio Herrera. In 1958 the club played European football for the first time as number two in the Spanish Primera Liga Real Madrid because both the title and the European Cup won. It Atletico Madrid played its home games at the Estadio Santiago Bernabeu Real because their own stadium does not have an artificial light installation features. Adjust the semi-final against Real Madrid itself was well finished in Metropolitano.


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