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Romania vs Slovakia Live Stream Free Online

Selasa, 13 Agustus 2013

Romania vs Slovakia Live Stream
Romania vs Slovakia Live Stream Free Online

Romania vs Slovakia Live Stream - If nothing goes wrong again Stefano Lilipaly will savor his first match in the Indonesian national team. He immediately launched a mission to taste victory.

Stefano had almost diving debut earlier, ie in the month of March, when Indonesia will play against Saudi Arabia in the Asian Cup qualifiers. But he canceled due to administrative problems tripped.

Players born Amhem, Netherlands, 23-year-old, who now has the status as a citizen, has joined the national team in Solo, in order to face a friendly match against the Philippines at Manahan Stadium, Solo, Wednesday.

"Finally I can join the team. Good for me, good for the Indonesian national team as well. Wish I could get in the first team," said the midfielder position players in Solo Paragon Hotel on Tuesday (08/13/2013) afternoon.


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